Technical Support

Complete list of our support articles:

  1. Technical support for Ciansoft products - Guidelines for requesting support
  2. TWAIN DSM Versions
  3. Class not registered error (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)
  4. Can I distribute a Ciansoft ActiveX control freely with my own application?
  5. I started developing an application using the trial version of a Ciansoft ActiveX control. Now I have purchased the full version. How do I upgrade my application?
  6. I am using TwainControlX in a web page to capture images on a client machine. How can I upload the images to the server?
  7. User Account Control (UAC) and ActiveX controls
  8. What is WIA, and can TwainControlX be used with WIA?
  9. I have purchased a Ciansoft product, but did not receive an email telling me how to download the software. What should I do?
  10. I get an error message "LoaderLock was detected" when trying to use TwainControlX in Visual Studio 2005. How can this error be prevented?v
  11. How can a PDF file be displayed in the browser using PDFBuilderASP?
  12. Can I use PDFBuilderASP on a 64-bit operating system?
  13. Which licence type do I need to purchase for my application?
  14. Why is the browser unable to display a PDF file sent using the BinaryWrite command
  15. Why am I having difficulties downloading the software I have purchased?
  16. How many licences do I need for a web-based application that runs on one server but can be accessed by many clients?
  17. Some of the documented properties are not available when I use the control in VB.NET. How can I access these properties?
  18. Installation of ActiveX Controls in Delphi 2005 and 2006
  19. My HP scanner does not respond correctly when I set the ImageLeft, ImageTop etc. properties to fix the size of the scanned image?
  20. Can I upgrade my single user/server licence to a multiple user/server licence?