Applies to: TwainControlX

Last updated: 30 November 2018

I am using TwainControlX in a web page to capture images on a client machine. How can I upload the images to the server?

To upload an image from TwainControlX the image must first be saved as a file on the local disk. An HTML <input type=file> tag can then be used to send the file to the server. A file upload component or a suitable script is required on the server to receive the data and save the file. This method cannot be automated and requires the user to browse for the file and then click a button to send the file.

An alternative approach is to use the csXImage control from Chestysoft which can capture the image using the same functionality as TwainControlX. This control has a PostImage function that can be used to send the image data to the server. This can be done without user intervention. Chestysoft also has a component (csASPUpload) which can be used on the server to receive the uploaded file. Visit the csXImage home page.