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Ciansoft PDFBuilderASP is an ASP component used to create PDF documents from a server script. It is a COM Object which has the following main features:

A simple and intuitive list of commands make it easy to get started creating PDF documents in your script. PDFBuilderASP can be used in a variety of scripting languages, e.g., ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, etc. It is also possible to use it in form-based applications such as VB, but we recommend using its sister product, the ActiveX control PDFBuilderX for such applications instead.

PDFBuilderASP is fully compatible with IIS 7.0, the version of IIS available in Windows Vista. Further information available here about using this control with IIS 7.0.

Fully Functional Trial

A trial version of PDFBuilderASP is available, which provides all the functionality of the full version. The only restriction of the trial version is that a banner will be written across each page of created documents to indicate that they were created using trial software. Click here to download and start using the trial version now.

Example Scripts

Example scripts are available in three different languages: ASP, ASP.NET and PHP, showing how a simple one page document containing images, graphics and text can be generated on the server and streamed to the browser.

Sample ASP script.

Sample ASP.NET script.

Sample PHP script.

These examples show the use of text formatting functions.

Sample ASP script - Writing and formatting text in a PDF.

Sample ASP.NET script - Writing and formatting text in a PDF.

Sample PHP script - Writing and formatting text in a PDF.

These examples show how to create a table from data read from a database.

Sample ASP script - Writing a table from a database.

Sample ASP.NET script - Writing a table from a database.

Getting Started Guide

In addition to the above example scripts we have Getting Started Guides for classic ASP and for ASP.NET that take a new user through the essential steps of installation and writing a simple script. This is particularly useful if you are unfamiliar with the use of server components.

Comprehensive Instruction Manual

A comprehensive instruction manual in pdf format is included with the downloaded component. This manual is also available on this website in either pdf or html format.

Purchase of Full Version

The price of a single server licence for the full version is $165. Click here for more details or to purchase now.