CFList Clipboard Format List Tool (CFList)

Clipboard Format List Tool (CFList) is a free utility that provides information about the formats currently available on the Windows clipboard.

Use of this tool is very simple. The ListBox on the left-hand side (see screenshot below) displays a list of the formats currently held by the clipboard. There is a Refresh button to update the list if the clipboard contents have changed. By clicking on an item in the list, information about the format is displayed on the right-hand side, including the integer value that identifies this format to the operating system.

CFList Screenshot

Download and Installation

Download Clipboard Format List Tool.

CFList is a single .exe file. Extract this file from the downloaded and copy it to any location on your hard drive. Run by double-clicking on the file. No special installation procedure is required.

Terms and Conditions

CFList is Freeware.

The software is supplied without warranties of any kind. Ciansoft does not accept any liabilities which may arise directly or indirectly from its use.

The archive file may be distributed freely.