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Ciansoft WebTwainX is an ActiveX control (OCX) that is specifically designed for use in a web browser application running in Internet Explorer. It enables images to be imported from any TWAIN-compliant device such as a scanner or webcam and then uploaded to a web server. It has the following main features:

Fully Functional Trial

A trial version of WebTwainX is available, which provides all the functionality of the full version. The only restriction is that images acquired and uploaded using the trial version will have a line of text written across them to indicate that they were created using trial software. Download and start using the trial version now.

Online Demo

View an online demo of WebTwainX. This demo shows all the features available for scanning or capturing images and editing those images in the web interface. In this demo the file upload feature is not configured for use.

Comprehensive Instruction Manual

Both the trial and full versions of the control are supplied as self-installing .exe files. The installation includes a comprehensive instruction manual in pdf format. This manual is also available on this website in either pdf or html format.

Purchase of Full Version

The price of a single server licence for the full version is $190. Click here for more details or to purchase now.