Applies to: ClipManagerX, TwainControlX, PDFBuilderX, PDFBuilderASP, WebTwainX

Last updated: 27 November 2018

Technical support for Ciansoft products - Guidelines for requesting support

To obtain technical support for any of our products please send an email to We aim to reply to all emails within one (UK) working day but in most cases we will reply much quicker. We do not offer support by telephone.

Give your email a meaningful subject line so that we can distinguish it from junk mail. Like everybody, we receive a huge amount of junk mail every day and delete much of it without reading it. An email titled "Question about TwainControlX" will receive our full attention, but "Hi" is likely to be deleted immediately.

We are seeing an increasing number of cases of email addresses being used that are not able to receive our replies. This may be due to a filter on the incoming mail that only accepts messages from a specific geographical area, or from a list of trusted domains, or something else. Please understand that if your mail server will not accept the message we send to you, there is nothing we can do to resolve that.

We try to be as helpful as possible when providing technical support, but please do not ask us to write your application for you. We receive many emails along the lines of "I need an application to do X-Y-Z, please write the source code and send it to me." Sorry, but we are not going to do that, unless of course you want to pay us, in which case we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for doing the work.

Information Required

To help us to deal with your issue efficiently, please try to provide the following information as a minimum in your email:

Specific Issues for TwainControlX

TWAIN is a communication protocol that defines how an "Application" (in this case, TwainControlX) communicates with a "Source" (the device driver of a scanner or webcam). For this to work trouble-free it is essential that both the Application and the Source have been developed in full compliance with the published TWAIN specification. We make every effort to ensure that TwainControlX conforms to the standard, but we see many device drivers, from leading hardware manufacturers, that do not. We also see many device drivers that while conforming to the standard, display undesirable behaviour, for example, showing a dialogue box on the screen that you as a user would prefer not to be shown. Please understand that if a problem you are encountering is caused by a faulty or poorly designed driver, we are unlikely to be able to fully resolve your problem.

Suggestions for Product Improvements

If there is a feature you would like to see in one of our products, but it is not currently available, please write in and tell us. We cannot promise to act on your suggestion immediately, but we do try to take into account customer requests when deciding how products should be improved and when prioritising our development work. If your request is a simple one to implement, it may even be added to the product within a few days.