TwainControlX Icon TwainControlX

TwainControlX is an ActiveX control enabling the use of TWAIN compliant scanners and cameras in your application.

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WebTwainX Icon WebTwainX

WebTwainX is an ActiveX control for scanning and capturing images in a web application using TWAIN and uploading the images to a server.

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PDFBuilderASP Icon PDFBuilderASP

PDFBuilderASP is a COM Object for generating PDF files from a server script such as ASP., ASP.NET or PHP.

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PDFBuilderX Icon PDFBuilderX

PDFBuilderX is an ActiveX control for generating PDF files from your application.

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ClipManagerX Icon ClipManagerX

ClipManagerX is an ActiveX control which enables improved processing of data from the Windows clipboard.

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CFList Icon Clipboard Format List Tool (CFList)

CFList is a free utility that lists and gives details of available clipboard formats.

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