Ciansoft - Development Components for Windows

Ciansoft was established in 2003 and has been providing controls and components for use in Windows applications since then. Our products are in use in thousands of successful web and desktop applications worldwide.

We pride ourselves on the stability and ease of use of our products, and on our committment to customer service. All of our products use our own original code and this means that if you encounter a problem using our products, we should be able to help you. We are always willing to consider requests for new and improved functionality and will always reply to our customers emails in a reasonable timeframe.

Our components all have trial versions which are as fully functional as possible. As we are generally dealing with image and document processing, the trial versions are protected by the addition of text onto the images and documents created. This protects us, but enables you to fully test whether or not the component is right for your application before deciding to buy.

Our most popular product is TwainControlX. This is a powerful and easy to use ocx which gives your application the capability to read images from any TWAIN-compliant hardware such as a scanner or a webcam.

For web applications to scan or capture images and then upload them to a server we have WebTwainX. This provides a pre-configured interface with a range of features for image acquisiton and simple editing. If you want to get an application running quickly without writing much code, WebTwainX is the easiest way to get started. It is supplied as a package with the necessary server components for receiving uploads.

Two products are available for dynamic creation of PDF files. PDFBuilderX provides the capability to generate PDF files from a desktop application or web browser, while PDFBuilderASP provides equivalent functionality to produce PDF files on-the-fly in a component designed specifically for server side use in an ASP or similar script.

For programmers needing to work with the Windows clipboard, ClipManagerX, allows much better handling of cut, copy and paste operations and the ability to hold multiple sets of clipboard data in your applications.

Our products are compatible with all current versions of Windows up to Windows 10, or equivalent server versions.

We can also get involved directly in the development of your application if you wish to make use of our Application Development Services.