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Ciansoft ClipManagerX is an ActiveX control designed to simplify and enhance the use of the Windows clipboard in your application. It has the following main features:

Typical uses of ClipManagerX include:

As an ActiveX control, ClipManagerX is simply dropped onto a form in your chosen programming environment. After activating it in code, everything copied to the Windows clipboard from any application will be collected, provided it is in one of the clipboard formats you have chosen to use.

ClipManagerX is fully compatible with Windows Vista. Further information available here about using this control in Vista.

ClipManagerX can be used in a variety of programming environments, e.g., Visual Basic, Delphi, etc. A sample application which collects multiple images from the clipboard is available using either VB or Delphi.

It can also be used with Microsoft Office products using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). An example of its use with Microsoft Word is available here. This example shows how to add a multiple copy/paste dialog to Word using ClipManagerX and a few short VBA procedures.

30-day Fully Functional Trial

A trial version of ClipManagerX is available, which provides all the functionality of the full version. The only restriction is that the trial is limited to 30 days. Download and start using the trial version now.

Comprehensive Instruction Manual

Both the trial and full versions of the control are supplied as self-installing .exe files. The installation includes a comprehensive instruction manual in pdf format. This manual is also available on this website in either pdf or html format.

Purchase of Full Version

The price of a single user licence for the full version is $75. Click here for more details or to purchase now.