VB.NET code to acquire multiple images from a TWAIN scanner

A sample .NET application using TwainControlX

This VB.NET example shows how to acquire a series of images from a TWAIN device, typically a scanner equipped with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

To use this demo, you will need to download two files:

Trial version of the ActiveX control TwainControlX. (1.5MB)

Zip file of VB.NET demo project. (17kB)

Install TwainControlX, then extract the VB.NET demo files from TCXMult1VBNET.zip, keeping the same directory structure. Start VB.NET, and open the project in solution file 'TCX_Mult1_VBNET\TCX_Mult1_VBNET.sln'.

Run the project and click the Start button. A list of the TWAIN devices installed on your system will be displayed. Select one of the devices and up to 5 images will be captured and saved to disk as files "Image1.bmp" etc.

The user interface is disabled by the command 'AxTwain1.UseInterface = False'. The number of images to be acquired is set by the command 'AxTwain1.ImagesToRead = 5'. Either of these settings can be modified if required.

After each image is acquired, the code in 'AxTwain1_OnAcquire' will run. This saves the image to disk and displays it in a PictureBox.

Images are saved in the working directory of the VB project. The code can be edited and a full path to the file can be specified to save to any other location.

Scanning will stop either when 5 images have been read, or when the ADF is empty.

Note that the demo has been prepared using the 2010 version of VB. For a copy of the demo compatible with older versions of VB.NET download the following ZIP file:

Zip file of demo project for older VB.NET versions. (30kB)