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WebTwainX Licensing

This page describes the licence types available for WebTwainX.

WebTwainX is designed to be used in web applications where the clientside ActiveX control is downloaded by a client browser and is run in the browser. Image files are then uploaded to the web server where one of the server side components of WebTwainX will be used. For such an application, server licensing is appropriate.

WebTwainX can be used in a compiled desktop application. In this case, the server licensing is not appropriate and an alternative developer licence is available.

Server Licences

Each web server that hosts an application using WebTwainX must be licenced. There are two basic licences available. The single server licence allows use on one server. The 5 server licence allows use on up to 5 servers. In both cases, an additional installation on a separate computer is allowed for development and testing purposes.

If you are going to install WebTwainX on a larger number of servers, within your own company, then the corporate licence should be used.

Distribution Licence

If you are developing an application that uses WebTwainX and are then intending to distribute that application to your own customers, each server running the application requires its own licence. To do this you must purchase the distribution licence.

Developer Licences

When using WebTwainX in a compiled application, the ocx file can be freely distributed, so only the developer needs a licence, not the end user of the application. Single developer or 5 developer licences are available. If you have a larger team working on development, the corporate licence should be used.